more views of open house!

open house/first impressions from the opening oct 2nd

open house stop motion (updated)

saturday, sept. 18, the houses were lifted by a crane to the platforms

don´t miss it! please send photos, your experiences and stories to


don´t miss it! please send photos, your experiences and stories to

During the last weeks more than 200 people participated in the Open House Building Workshop. Young people, old people, children, families, teenagers, volunteers and neighbors! We all build houses together, designed new furnitures, made stencils for producing the signs of the houses developed ideas, how this social sculpture could be used.
We are very sad that we had to leave now. We will not have the pleasure to join the appropriation of the spaces and houses. But we are also glad to meet you all and to be able to say: the doors are opened soon!

Don´t forget:
Open House is your house!
Appropriate it with your ideas!

openmasterplan is a research based mapping and documentation tool, continuously in transformation. It is structured by four layers of investigation, including: potential, desire, process and fiction
From April to August 2010 we discovered the neighborhood around the east Hakwoon Park in Anyang, South Korea. Our research is based on walks, subjective discovering,
various talks, interviews, workshops, little events as well as on propositions and manipulations.
Our experiences and observations are influencing directly the architecture and functions of openhouse. We call this research based design! The mobile planting station actions were the first steps to establish the community garden and the urban detective workshop is part of the research process. The building workshop is linking the creativity of the neighborhood with the architecture openhouse.

saturday, 4th september

suzanne lacy, an artist using one of the houses, had her opening today. the house was not lifted today on the plattform as planed. a lot of people were there, visiting, playing music and so on…


toki bang! the rabbit hutch (farmers storage) is finished!

and we still hope to see at least one of the houses getting lifted on the plattform as long as we are here. now they promised us to lift it on monday (the last day we are here).. we will see.

friday, 3rd september

this night there was a taifun in anang, tearing off trees, billboards,etc.. on our building site it riped off the plans and broke down some furniture and plants.

nevertheless, we continue.

the farmers storage turns out really nice shake (schindel) wall and roof.